Ambrose of Milan

line Ambrose of Milan

She was a virgin not in body only, but also in mind; not mingling the purity of her affection with any dross of hypocrisy; serious in speech; prudent in disposition; sparing of words; delighting in study; not placing her confidence in uncertain riches, but in the prayer of the poor; diligent in labor; reverent in word; accustomed to look to God, not man, as the guide of her conscience; injuring no one, wishing well to all; dutiful to her elders, not envious of her equals; avoiding boastfulness, following reason, loving virtue.

When did she wound her parents even by a look?  When did she quarrel with her neighbors?  When did she spurn the humble, laugh at the weak, or shun the indigent?  She is accustomed to visit only those haunts of men that pity would not blush for, nor modesty pass by.

There is nothing haughty in her eyes, nothing bold in her words, nothing wanton in her gestures:  her bearing is not voluptuous, nor her gait too free, nor her voice petulant; so that her outward appearance is an image of her mind, and a picture of purity.

De Virginibus, Lib. II, Chap. 1