This website is admittedly not for everyone and in order to avoid any confusion, we would here address some specific members of our reading audience:

UnbelieversThis website is not for you. While we agree that many Christians are hypocrites, please know that the hypocrisy of others will be irrelevant on judgment day and you should not use this website as an excuse for your unbelief.

New BelieversThis website is not for you. While you will eventually need to consider these things when you reach a certain level of spiritual maturity, we would encourage you to focus on the more foundational aspects of your new-found faith.

Weaker BrothersThis website is not for you. While we anticipate that you may feel offended by the severity of these articles, please understand that they were written for a very specific group within the church: Mere professors of Christianity.

Stronger BrothersThis website may not be for you. While you will undoubtedly agree with many of these articles and perhaps feel confirmed in your convictions, please do not use this website in a way that might injure or offend your weaker brothers in the faith.

NeonomiansThis website is definitely not for you. While you will undoubtedly agree with many of these articles and perhaps feel compelled to become a better law-keeper, we need to warn you that all the law-keeping in the world will not save your soul. Faith in Christ is the alone instrument of our justification before God.

EvangelicalsThis website may be for you. While you have probably never had the genuineness of your faith challenged before, please know that we only do this in brotherly love. Before you continue reading, please stop and pray that the Lord would open your heart to his truth.

Mere ProfessorsThis website is for you. While you are feeling quite content in your spiritual complacency, you need to get serious about your faith lest you hear these words on judgment day: “Why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord’ and not do the things which I say? I never knew you; depart from me, you who practice lawlessness!” (Luke 6:46 & Matt. 7:23)