Ian Paisley

line Ian Paisley

It is not possible to take the name ‘Christian’ with disregard to the serious implications it entails.  Our faith impacts first on our own life, and then on the lives of those around us.  Taking it seriously is, if you like, ‘the proof of the pudding’.

It is that which turns the seed into fruit, the work into a harvest, and the agony of Calvary into the pleasure of the Saviour.

I have found that humanity is hungry for faith. Is it not so that you and I were ready for someone or something to make sense of life when we came to faith in Jesus Christ?

We are no different from anyone else. Christ is a universal Redeemer. The Scriptures contain a universal message. Our faith becomes the vehicle that not only receives these universal truths, but which carries them into our society. How else will our families, our friends, our neighbours and our work colleagues hear the good news?

Faith is personal. The entrance to its promised land is narrow because we have to go through its doorway one by one.

That is precisely why we must take our faith seriously.  It came by One for one so that we might bring one.

Ian Paisley is a Minister in the Free Presbyterian Church
and founder of the Democratic Unionist Party in Ireland