Jospeh Parker

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For a believer, it is critical that we take our faith seriously everyday.

To be a believer that does not take his or her faith seriously, we become like a soldier in the midst of a war that is AWOL.  We are out of our battle position.

In the war of faith, every piece of ground is occupied.  There is no neutral ground.  It either belongs to the Kingdom of God, or it belongs to the kingdom of darkness.  It is very important that every believer take their battle position, and hold it.

We are a part of a spiritual unit.  We are made to be dependent on each other.  We need each other.   The only Super soldier is Jesus.  All the rest of us are desperately dependent on him.  Yet in him we are more than conquerors!

Joseph Parker is Director of Outreach and Intercession
for American Family Radio
(A Division of the American Family Association)