Mark Hamby

line Mark Hamby

Serious faith requires sacrifice.

A serious sacrificial faith is the glue that holds marriages together and the catalyst that moves one to a humble state of repentance; it is the faith that builds unity in families, churches, and organizations; it removes us from a state of motionless indifference to the diligent practice of godliness and excellence.

In 2nd Peter 1 we read “Giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue, and to virtue knowledge…”

The word “add” carries the idea of adding at one’s own expense. It is a word that reflects the serious decision of someone who desired to leave everything behind and become a new citizen of Greece. To be accepted however, you had to either pay or find a sponsor to pay for the celebration of your citizenship ceremony as well as payment to the state.

To embark on this new journey required a serious sacrificial faith–an advancement that require a total abandonment of what was behind.

Mark Hamby is President of Lamplighter Ministries