Michael Barrett

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Many Christians seem to have a problem with the Christian life.

Faith loses its attractiveness. Initial enthusiasm dwindles, and disillusionment sets in.

For some Christianity is just a set of beliefs – for others a rigid set of standards.

Nearly every new movement in the larger church sphere is an effort to capitalize on the dissatisfaction of Christians who have failed to understand or to take seriously what the Bible says about the Christian life.

It is amazing that truths that so overwhelmed the thinking of 1st century Christians never seem to cross the minds of 21st century believers.

There is in the gospel a dynamic to energize and guide life. It is only when Christians ignore, failing to take their religion seriously, that they find Christianity to be a drudgery.

All of life for the Christian must be squarely focused on Jesus Christ: His cross and the completeness of the gospel must govern life. It is always the case that right thinking about the gospel produces right living in the gospel.

Michael Barrett is President  of Geneva Reformed Seminary in Greenville, SC
and submitted this article on behalf of the “Let the Bible Speak” radio ministry