Lest anyone be tempted to dismiss our testimony as that of only one overly-zealous individual, we have compiled a collection of quotations from serious Christians, which confirm our chief conviction that we need to take their faith more seriously:

Ancient Witnesses – This collection includes quotations gathered from our fathers in the faith (i.e., the early church fathers, the reformers, and others). Please send us additional quotations if you are able and be sure to include source information.

Contemporary Witnesses – This page includes statements from prominent teachers, preachers, and apologists in the church today who (while they all represent different denominations), agree that seriousness is an essential aspect of our common Christian faith. We thank them for their willingness to participate in our project.

If you are a Christian teacher, preacher, apologist, writer, etc., we invite you to corroborate their witness by submitting a brief (50-200 word) comment for inclusion on our website.